“Your kiss a chemical reaction…”

I’ve been a productive panda with the writing this week (even on school nights!), so that you means you get another chapter before the weekend even starts!  Chapter 51 of Sick as My Secrets is up.  I’ll be back with another one at some point this weekend, but I thought those of us in the States could use some love and a good distraction leading into tomorrow.  (But apparently not Brian, LOL.)  Enjoy!

“Countdown’s begun, I’m taking off…”

Surprise!  I’m back with another update.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait until next weekend to post the next chapter, but thanks to the lovely readers at Absolute Chaos who left me reviews and gave me permission to update again.  Chapter 50 of Sick as My Secrets is up!  The title of this post will make sense once you read it.  I hope you do, and I hope you enjoy it!  I’m officially blasting out of my comfort zone with this one, so I would love and appreciate any feedback.