Behind the Site:


I created this site as an online archive of some of my favorite fanfics, which have disappeared or are in danger of disappearing from their original homes on the internet.  Putting these stories back up on the web not only serves as a back-up for me, but as a medium for other readers to discover or re-discover some good, classic fan fiction.


The cheesy (yet fitting) name for the archive is a tribute to 1999, the year I discovered and began reading fan fiction.  Many stories and websites from that golden era of BSB fanfic are no longer accessible.  It is my hope that, through this site, I can preserve those that mean something to me.





All stories on this site are works of fiction and the intellectual property of their respective authors.  None of them were written by me; I am only archiving them, with credit to the original authors and websites from which they came.  Most of the websites are no longer online; however, some of them can be accessed through the Wayback Machine on  I have provided contact info for the original authors where possible; however, some email addresses may be outdated, as many of these authors have not been active in the fanfic community for some time.



The Stories:


The Backstreet Baby Series

Author: Amanda

Summary: Follow the Boys through a humorous look at the naming, the birth and babysitting the first Backstreet baby.

Genre: Comedy | Main BSB: Group



Come Together

Authors: Izzy and Cecilia

Summary: It's 1992 and five young guys are brought together with a dream, learning through both hard work and fun what it will take to fulfill it.

Genre: Drama | Main BSB: Group



Cover Me With Dreams

Author: Heidi

Summary: What happens when your life has been covered with dreams, but your pain is too intense for you to even know it? Will you ever see past the pain and into the dream?

Genre: Romance, Drama | Main BSB: Nick




Author: Izzy

Summary: Sometimes it's easy to forget about what's really important. Can a homemade videotape change that?

Genre: Drama | Main BSB: Group




Author: Jaydee

Summary: A fiery bus crash in Canada claims Nick’s life, or so it would seem.  His body is never recovered, but after a year, the Boys give up hope of the possibility that he is somehow still alive.  Meanwhile, while camping in the Canadian wilderness, a girl stumbles onto a shocking discovery…

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Drama | Main BSB: Group



Mind Games
Author: Amanda

Summary: Everyone thinks the new Backstreet Boys bodyguard, Xavier, is a pretty cool guy.  But Brian soon learns of Xavier’s dangerous side, when he’s pulled into the bodyguard’s cruel scheme and subjected to torture and mind games.

Genre: Suspense | Main BSB: Brian



My Missing Half

Author: Amanda

Summary: A terrible accident left Nick emotionally and physically scarred.  This life-altering change has left him feeling alone, depressed, and scared.  With Brian’s help, Nick must learn that he’s still the same person inside.

Genre: Drama | Main BSB: Nick



The Nick and Lizz Series

Authors: Jenna and Auctor

Summary: A last minute decision… the consequences of their actions…

Genre: Drama, Suspense | Main BSB: Nick



Nicky Humor Stories

Author: Arianne

Summary: Three humor shorts centering around the antics of young Mr. Carter.

Genre: Comedy | Main BSB: Nick



Nowhere to Run

Author: Whitney

Summary: A nightmare comes to life for Brian and A.J. with the power to make them stronger, or kill them both...

Genre: Suspense | Main BSB: Brian, AJ



The One Sweet Day Series

Author: Elyssa

Summary: A walk in the woods leads to a nightmare for Brian, AJ, and their girlfriends.

Genre: Suspense, Drama | Main BSB: Brian, AJ



Rebels for the Cause

Author: Mathinus

Summary: While on the tour bus one dark, stormy night, the Backstreet Boys encounter their worst nightmare:  a Mary Sue fanfic writer!

Genre: Comedy | Main BSB: Group



Signal to Noise

Author: Bobbi

Summary: In a world wide web full of weirdos and nutcases, how can you tell who that one person is who's not just kidding, who's deadly serious, and is going to do something horrible?  What if you can tell, and nobody believes you?

Genre: Suspense | Main BSB: Group




Author: Cecilia and J-Kat

Summary: Backstreet Boys and NSYNC decide to settle their feud by going on Survivor.  Both camps are ready to lose everything to finally show who is really the best.  But neither really knows what they're in for.

Genre: Comedy, Suspense | Main BSB: Group



Where Can We Go From Here?

Author: Whitney

Summary: They were on top of the world.  But now they might lose it all…

Genre: Drama | Main BSB: Group