These are some of my favorite BSB/fanfic-related links.  They are arranged in four categories – fan fiction sites, humor sites, general BSB sites, and writing sites.

If you have a Backstreet Boys site, please email me with the address and title of the page and the category it fits best in, and I will link it.  If you are interested in linking my site to yours, scroll down the page for banners and buttons for your use.

Fan Fiction Sites:

Absolute Chaos – the largest BSB fan fiction archive still running, great place to read and post stories

Backstreet Bauhaus – huge collection of Bsb stories arranged by genre

Bauhaus Classics – preserved Bsb fanfic classics from the good old days

Brain Candy – Mare’s site; great variety of suspense, drama, and comedy fics

Backstreet Boys Stories – Jenna’s site; tons of great stories, mostly drama and comedy

Unveiled Thoughts – Mersey’s site; great suspense fics

BSB Fantasies – formerly “Bluecloud’s Fiction Zone,” Stephanie’s site; great Brian stories

Left From Center – Karina’s site, centered around Nick

The Perfect Fans Fan Fiction – Whitney Richter’s site; no longer being updated, but still home to some of her classic stories

The Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction Links – no longer updated, but still boasts a large collection of story links

Bsb Kingdom of Fanfics – very old site, isn’t being updated anymore, but the fics are still there

Fun and Funky Backstreet Fiction – Melissa’s site

Shades – Auctor’s site, home of “Nothing is Chance”

No Angel – a new site by Nina

StoryCart – fiction by Carrie

Crazy In Love – Nick fanfic

Backstreet Heaven – a fan fiction archive where writers can post their own stories – Mette’s site

Come As You Are – another fan fiction archive

Double Rainbow Fiction – Rose’s site

Climbing the Walls – stories by Steph (Sakabelle)

Blue Starlight Fanfiction – stories by Tracy (DelphinaCarter)

Llama Say What?! – stories by Hannah (Pengi)

Could You Do Me Right? – fan fiction and humor site run by the Lipsticks

Humor Sites:

Backstreet Noise Project

Whodaman Inc.

Backstreet Laughing Place

Pop Stars Inc.

No Diggity

Holy Guacamole Batman!

General BSB Sites:

What Happens on the Backstreet

Kaos Online

The Dark Side forum

The Dark Side blog

Backstreet Paradise

My Cuties

Writing Sites:

Absolute Chaos Discussion Boards

The Kat’s Meow: Writing Fanfics (Bsb-centered)

Bad Fanfic!  No Biscuit!

The Wading Pool (also catered to fanfic)

Charlotte’s Web

Fiction Factor

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Link Graveyard:

This is a list of dead links, former favorites of mine that I would like to remember.  You may be able to access some of these sites through the Wayback Machine on

Alison’s Backstreet Boys Wonderland – the first Bsb site I remember frequenting

Backstreet Boys Amazing Fanfics – Auctor and Jenna’s site, home of the “Nick and Lizz” series

Backstreet Boys Fanfiction Yellow Pages – The original version of this page; once an awesome collection of links

backstreet fan fiction – Izzy’s site; tons of awesome stories

Backstreet Fics by Swenglish & Co – Swenglish’s site, home of the “Swollen Issues” series

Backstreet Nights – Veronica’s site; lots of romance

Backstreet Stories – Large collection of older stories, good short/humor stuff!

Bria’s Fanfiction – Full of great sci-fi/fantasy stories

Cover Me With Dreams – Heidi’s site; great Nick stories

Imagine Fan Fiction – Jen’s site, formerly known as “JJ’s Stories”; tons of great medical/angst fics

Mary Sue Must Die – Mathinus’s site, home of some great Mary Sue parodies

Soft Touches, Tender Kisses – Amanda’s site; great variety of stories

Starlight Catcher’s Page – Rachel’s site

The Backstreet Market – Bianca’s site; great romance stories

The Escape – Susan’s site; great suspense fics

Total Fantasy – Holly McLean’s site

Walking In the Clouds – Bobbi’s site, variety of stories

Wiggycool’s Hangout – One of my very first favorite fanfic sites

Words to Remember – Jaydee’s site, home of “Faceless” and more

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