Welcome to Dreamer's Sanctuary!  I’m Julie, and I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan.  I have been reading and writing BSB fan fiction since 1999.  I write a variety of stories, but my specialty is drama/angst, and my favorite Boys to write about are Nick and Brian. On this website, you will find my stories, as well as links to my favorites by other authors. 

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Happy June!

I wanted to say “Happy Summer!” but the official start of summer isn’t for another 19 days.  Still, it feels like summer, so here’s a random, midweek, late-night update for you.  Chapter 72 of Sick as My Secrets is up!  I am going to start updating more often, maybe even every other day, until this story is done because I am so close and want to be caught up and ready to post the last chapter when I finish it.  Unless I’m hit with an unexpected case of writer’s block, I think I will be done with this baby by next weekend.  So if you’re not caught up, now’s the time to do it!  Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy!  I’ll be back with the next chapter this weekend.

The countdown is on!

It was fun watching the old TV commercials for Millennium on its anniversary the other day.  “The countdown is on!”

Well, the countdown is on for the end of Sick as My Secrets, too!  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be 80 chapters, plus an epilogue.  I’ve already written through Chapter 76 and am posting Chapter 70 tonight.  That means I should definitely finish the story this summer (probably in June) and will keep updating consistently until it’s done.  You’ll probably even get more than one chapter a week once summer starts.  I have one more week of school, and then I’m free!  (The countdown has been on for quite awhile this year!)

Howie and Nick hope you enjoy this chapter, too!