1000 Ways to Kill Nick Carter

Nick Carter tends to be tortured, maimed, or killed more than any other Backstreet Boy in fan fiction. So much so, in fact, that one day, several fanfic authors asked themselves, “Just how many ways CAN we come up with to kill Nick?” The answer lies in this story, a round robin of one-shots in which Nick meets an untimely death in a variety of unique, interesting, and humorous ways.

Genre: comedy
Starring: Nick
Status: incomplete
Written: August 2011 – present


This is a round robin written with multiple authors on Absolute Chaos.  You can read the full story here and contribute a death if you’d like to!  Below are the deaths I have written.

Death #14:  Don’t Mess With the World’s Most Poisonous Mammal

Death #15:  Jungle Fever

Death #16:  Let’s Get Fired Up!

Death #33:  The Cold Don’t Last Forever

Death #60:  Bang Bang, Choo-Choo Train

Death #62:  This is Nuts!

Death #64:  The Hands That Feed the Ones Who Plead


Check out the spin-off, Revenge of the Slaughtered:  Nick Strikes Back!

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