Revenge of the Slaughtered: Nick Strikes Back

After being killed so many times, enough is enough. Oh my God, Nick’s back again… and this time, no fan is safe!

Genre: comedy
Starring: Nick
Status: incomplete
Written: August 2011 – present


This round robin is a spin-off of 1000 Ways to Kill Nick Carter, written with multiple authors on Absolute Chaos.  You can read the full story here and contribute a kill if you’d like to!  Below are the kills I have written.

Kill #6: How Nick Carter Killed Fanfic

Kill #12: Recipe for Revenge

Kill #20: Nick the Ripper

Kill #23: Blood Diamond

Kill #24: Kitt Fit Kill, Part I

Kill #25: Kitt Fit Kill, Part II

Kill #26: Kitt Fit Kill, Part III


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