Here you will find my longer stories (over ten chapters). They are ordered from most recent to oldest.

Sick as My Secrets

The sequel to Unsuspecting Sunday

“We had it all, this love so strong. Now everything we had is gone. If you could read my mind, you’d know I’ve crossed that line…”
While Nick struggles to deal with what happened on the cruise, Howie’s indiscretions lead to dire consequences.

Genre: drama, romance (slash)
Starring: Howie, Nick
Status: complete
Written: February 2014 – June 2017

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Backstreet Boy

After his defeat of Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter thought the danger had finally come to an end. But for the Backstreet Boys, it’s only just beginning. One of them is guarding a secret, and if it gets out, it could put the lives of the whole group in jeopardy. Can Harry and his friends unite with the Boys to save this band of Muggles from the wrath of wizards?

Genre: fantasy
Starring: group
Status: incomplete
Written: April 2012 – present

Curtain Call

She had a dream. He had a secret. They had a deal.
In exchange for her silence, he’d make her dream come true. But at what cost?

Genre: drama, romance
Starring: Nick
Status: complete
Written: July 2010 – October 2011

Guilty Roads

It was the fall of 1999, and the Backstreet Boys were in the midst of their sold-out Into the Millennium tour, when Nick Carter went out for a late night walk on the town. His biggest worry was that he would run into fans, but instead, he crossed paths with real danger. What he witnessed that night would forever change his life, and the Backstreet Boys would never be the same.

Genre: suspense, drama
Starring: Nick
Status: incomplete
Written: June 2010 – present

Secrets of the Heart

Brian Littrell and AJ McLean were not the type of men you’d expect to associate with one another. One was a music teacher and a family man; the other made his living in bars and tattoo parlors. Their paths sometimes paralleled, but never crossed… until fate altered the course of their lives. Through tragedy, the two men would meet… to bring justice to a life cut short.

Genre: drama, supernatural, alternate universe
Starring: Brian, AJ
Status: complete
Written: October 2008 – August 2012


Nick Carter was on top of the world. But three simple words sent him plummeting to rock bottom.

Genre: drama
Starring: Nick
Status: complete
Written: January 2003 – March 2004

By My Side

The sequel to Broken

Can two different people, brought together by a mutually trying experience, really find enduring love? Nick Carter is willing to find out. It’s been a year since the surgery that changed him forever, and at last, his life is starting to look up again. Fully recovered, he feels ready to pursue a relationship with the woman who’s been by his side through it all. Scars fade, wounds reopen, and people come and go, as they both struggle to get on with the lives for which they’ve fought. And still the question lingers… is the bond they’ve formed strong enough to keep them together through it all?

Genre: drama, romance
Starring: Nick
Status: complete
Written: March 2004 – January 2008

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