There are a lot of people to whom I can credit this website and my writing achievements over the years.  These are just a few of them!

First, I have to thank the Backstreet Boys for serving as my source of inspiration for all these years.  Had it not been for them, I never would have discovered this thing called fan fiction or thought to try my hand at writing some.  Over a decade later, they continue to both entertain and inspire me!

I also have to thank Jen, former webmistress of “J.J.’s and Jojo’s Fan Fiction” and “Imagine Fan Fiction,” whose first story Blind Love happened to be the first fanfic I blindly stumbled onto while searching Webcrawler for BSB sites back in the summer of ’99.  It was a lucky thing that the first fanfic I found happened to be a Brian tearjerker by an author whose tastes were very similar to mine, or I may not have gotten automatically addicted!

Next, thank you to Kristy from “Escape From Reality” and Ali from “Dreamer’s Reality” for hosting my first finished story, Heartache, on their websites.  It took me a month to get my first piece of feedback, but that gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to keep going and eventually start my own site!

Huge thanks to Heidi (Rachel) from “Starlight Catcher’s Page” for emailing me that first piece of feedback.  Heidi was not only my first reviewer, but my first online friend in the fandom and my first co-writer on stories like Fight for Survival, Visions of the Past, and Code Blue.

Thank you to all the other amazing co-writers I’ve had over the years, especially the Code Blue team and the 00Carter crew!  But special thanks go out to my collab partner in crime, Rose, who shares my work ethic, twisted sense of humor, and love of drama and gore!  Thank you for being so bright and so vivid, ZDR!

Thank you to all the other friends I’ve made through fan fiction and the readers who have supported me with feedback on my stories.  This list covers some, but certainly not all of them:  Ali,  Amy,  Angela,  Anita,  Bianca,  Carrie,  Chanel,  Dee,  Delina,  Diana,  Erika,  Erin,  Estrella,  Favi,  Fernanda,  Franzi,  Gozde,  Hannah,  Hayley,  Heather,  Jen,  Juliane,  Julia,  Karen,  Karina,  Kat,  Kaz,  Kelly,  Kristina,  Kristy,  Laureen,  Layla,  Lenni,  Liane,  Lore,  Louise,  LP,  Luiza,  Lynsey, Mare,  Mary,  Mel,  Mersey,  Nichole,  Nick,  Rachel,  Reb,  Ritz,  Sammy,  Sarah,  Sel,  Shauna,  Steph,  SakaSteph,  Susan,  Tracy,  and Veronica.

I also want to extend my thanks to a few other fanfic authors whose writing has inspired me over the years:  Whitney, Trinity, Carrie, Jenna, Swenglish, Auctor, Heidi, Jaydee, and Bobbi. All of these talented authors wrote stories that inspired something in my own, and I would not be the writer I am today without their influence.

Finally, thank YOU, the reader, for visiting my site and reading my stories!  I write fan fiction because I enjoy it, but I post it because YOU enjoy it, and that makes it all worthwhile.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years!



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