Guilty Roads is finished!!!

This is not a drill!  Read the title of this update again.  I repeat, Guilty Roads IS FINISHED!!!

Writing this story has been a long road, paved with guilt.  Yes, a guilty road.  I started it at the beginning of summer 2010, after playing with different versions of the basic idea for eight years or so.  It went well at first; I churned out the first few chapters with no problem, and they got a great reaction from readers.  Then, about a month later, I hit my first wall of writer’s block and, in the meantime, got the idea for Curtain Call.  I started writing Curtain Call just to scratch the itch and get it out of my head, and I never stopped.  Eventually I had to start posting what I’d written of Curtain Call, and that was that.  I never got back to the same level of inspiration that I had at the beginning of Guilty Roads again.  I love the story or, at least, love the idea of the story, but it’s been a real struggle to write.  I appreciate the readers who have stuck with me for the past seven years, giving feedback, asking for updates, and encouraging me to keep writing.  You guys made me feel guilty at times for abandoning this story, but it’s because of you that it’s finally finished.  I am super excited to announce that the final chapter, Chapter 17, is up!  Enjoy, and I look forward to your reactions!

Oh, and Chapter 63 of Sick as My Secrets is up, too!  This is another story that should be finished at some point this year, I’m hoping over the summer!

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2 comments on Guilty Roads is finished!!!

  1. Sara says:

    OMG!! So excited!! I love that story and was hoping it would get finished!! YAY! Can’t wait to read Guilty Roads!!