Welcome to Dreamer's Sanctuary!  I’m Julie, and I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan.  I have been reading and writing BSB fan fiction since 1999.  I write a variety of stories, but my specialty is drama/angst, and my favorite Boys to write about are Nick and Brian. On this website, you will find my stories, as well as links to my favorites by other authors. 

Have fun exploring the site, and enjoy the stories!  If you read something you like, please leave a review!  You can register as a reader or use your email address, Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress account to post comments on any update or story chapter.  You can also contact me personally to give feedback.  I appreciate hearing from readers and will always respond.

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I’m Nominated!

I am nominated at the Double Rainbow Awards, hosted by Rose’s site Double Rainbow Fiction!  Thanks so much for nominating me!

I am nominated in the following categories:

Thanks again for the nominations!  Voting runs from now until August 15th.

You know you’ve made it when…

…you find your website linked in an article as an example of die-hard fandom.  The article “Scientists Accidentally Turned a Man Into a Johnny Cash Fan With a Brain Implant” starts as follows:

“Whether it’s a tendency to write Moby Dick-length works of fan fiction starring the Backstreet Boys or simply loving a piece of music so deeply that you listen to it on repeat, everyone can relate to being a die-hard fan.”

And look what website the words “fan fiction” link to… THIS ONE!!!

I’m so flattered by the mention and amused by the description.  And it’s totally true!  I actually looked up the word count for Moby Dick out of curiosity (205,052 words, apparently), and I have several stories that are the same length or longer!  Namely Code Blue (214,046 words), 00Carter (248,682 words), Curtain Call (264,205 words), Broken (300,658 words), Song for the Undead (347,941 words), and, of course, By My Side (817,774 words).

Good ol’ BMS is actually longer than any novel on that list, including War and Peace (587,287 words).  So next time someone asks you if you’ve read Moby Dick or War and Peace, you can say, “No, but I’ve read an even longer novel.”  You don’t have to tell them it was a Backstreet Boys fanfic; that’ll be our little secret. ;)

One of those super-long stories, Song for the Undead, is even longer now that Chapter 108 is up!  It’s a short and sweet chapter written by Rose.  We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading, especially those of you who have made it through that many words of mine!  That’s dedication!