Welcome to Dreamer's Sanctuary!  I’m Julie, and I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan.  I have been reading and writing BSB fan fiction since 1999.  I write a variety of stories, but my specialty is drama/angst, and my favorite Boys to write about are Nick and Brian. On this website, you will find my stories, as well as links to my favorites by other authors. 

Have fun exploring the site, and enjoy the stories!  If you read something you like, please leave a review!  You can register as a reader or use your email address, Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress account to post comments on any update or story chapter.  You can also contact me personally to give feedback.  I appreciate hearing from readers and will always respond.

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April Fool!

In case anyone was wondering, my previous post was indeed my annual April Fools prank.  I’m not maintaining a separate site just for slash stories – they are here to stay, so deal with it! :)  With that said, Sick as My Secrets is back up on this site and updated with Chapter 12 (which is not a joke chapter).

If you missed the joke or want to see any past years’ pranks, they are all posted on the About page under Site on the menu.  I recently restored my 2011 members only site, which had gotten messed up when I moved from Yahoo last summer.  Most of the others are still up in all their glory, although some of the older ones are a little glitchy on modern browsers.  Enjoy!

The Gay Side of the Sanctuary!

Chapter 12 of Sick as My Secrets is up!  However, it’s not up on this site.

After reflecting on an anti-slash comment left on my forum and the general lack of feedback for this story, I’ve come to realize that the presence of slash stories on a fanfic site that used to have a strict no-slash policy might be affecting my readership.

Therefore, I’ve created a sister site called Double Rainbow /Fiction to house my slash fiction.  All my past, present, and future(?) slash stories will now be segregated to that site instead of ruining the sanctity of this one.  If you’re not comfortable with the Backstreet Boys getting gay with each other, you can stay here and not have to see it.  If you’re down with the (fanfictional) gays, check out the new site!  I think it’s pretty damn FABulous!  If you think so too, please leave me a comment and let me know!  Thanks for your support!

SAMS Update and Subscription Info

Chapter 11 of Sick as My Secrets is up!

In addition to that update, I want to announce that, after today, I am no longer going to be using the Yahoo! Group to send out updates.  Instead, you can enter your email address where it says “Subscribe to Updates” off to the right side of your screen (or at the bottom, of you’re viewing the mobile version of the site) to automatically receive email updates.  If you’re already a registered reader or a member of the Yahoo! Group, you’ll be receiving an email and will just need to confirm your subscription if you wish to receive further updates.

I’ve also made a couple of small changes that will make it easier for you to leave feedback.  Instead of having to register in order to post reviews, you can now comment on any update or story chapter using your email address, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, OR Dreamer’s Sanctuary account.  As long as I don’t have a problem with spam comments, I will leave it this way to give you guys more flexibility.  I’ve also added a contact form to the Contact Me page that will allow you to contact me directly through the site.  I really appreciate your feedback, so I hope this will make it more convenient for you to give it! :)