The end is here!

Sick as My Secrets is officially done!  The Epilogue has been posted.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck with me through the four (almost five) years I’ve been writing this story.  There were times when I wasn’t able to work on it and update as frequently as I would have liked, due to buying my first home and earning my master’s degree, so I appreciate your patience and understanding.  I hope the ending was worth the wait!

I’m still not totally sure what my next writing project will be, so it may be a while before I update again.  I would love to get inspired to work on Guilty Roads or my Harry Potter crossover, but I also have several ideas for new stories bouncing around in my brain.  If I do start something new, I probably won’t post it right away; I want to make sure I’m committed to continuing a story before I share it with the world.  If you’re a newer visitor to the site and haven’t subscribed to receive update emails, you can enter your email address on the sidebar to the right to be notified next time I update.

Happy anniversary, Kevin and Kristin!

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  1. Donovan says:

    How bad do u want to duck the back street boys